Can the band contact the venue before your event date?

Yes. We have played at some of the most prestigious venues in the Southwest. We can speak directly to the venue organizers prior to the day. It’s mainly to make sure that things run smoothly.

For example, if there is a noise limiter, we can easily work around it, and match our playing to suit the noise limits. We’re very familiar with the venues around Bristol in the Southwest. 

We’ve played at most of them and we’re familiar with the sort of setup and, you know, where we’re playing in the venue (setting) and how the acoustics sound.

Does the band offer a DJ service?

We do. Once we’re set up, we’ll start playing music through the PA system (usually around 6pm). So that (the PA) is the big speakers we have, and we have a fantastic playlist, which we play through a laptop, and it (the playlist) has a lot of similar music to the music on our set list; funk and soul. You know, music that people know and can dance to. 

Also if you have your own playlist, that you’d like us to play, then we’ll happily do that too. Sometimes couples just want to hear some cheese at the end of the night, you know. 

We’re happy to provide cheesy music for everyone to dance to. So, yeah, we’ll do the music or we can play your playlist.

How does the band ensure that it can perform at every booking?

That’s a good question. A lot of clients want to know the answer to that, But I would say the main thing we do is that we have a network of really good musicians that we know all throughout Bristol. So on the rare occasion that someone can’t make it, they can step in. 

But as I say, our band is comprised of 7 professional musicians, and, we always ensure that we are at your event and play well. 

We never want to let anyone down (and never have). You’ve got plenty to worry about on your wedding day. So we (the band) don’t want to be one of them. We will be there. 

The musicians in the band have performed with well known acts as session musicians. Musicians the band members have played with include:

Becki Biggins

Kim Cypher

Eddie Martin Band

Super Furry Animals

Noel Gallagher

Scissor Sisters

RagNbone Man


What are the typical timings for a wedding performance?

We’ll arrive about 5:30, get all the gear in to the venue, We’ll set up. That typically takes an hour. Once we set up, then we’ll play music until 12 o’clock. We can fit around (your event)  and we don’t really want to be playing when there’s food being served.

So once we’re set up and sound checked, we can fit around you. Usually, there’s a first dance, there’s a cutting of the cake, say at about 8 o’clock. And then we’ll start playing for an hour (8 – 9 pm). We’ll have a break, play for another hour (10 – 11pm), and then we’ll finish around 11. We then keep music going until 12.

Some couples want the party to go on for a bit longer. So if you do, that’s fine. We’ve definitely done that in the past. We can leave the PA system up until 1am in the morning or even stupid o’clock in the morning.

Just email us, and we can provide that.