Do we offer a Jazz Trio for the daytime performance?

A lot of people have asked us, do we offer a jazz trio during the day? We do. We can do that. The jazz trio would be, keys, drums, and bass and be lightly played music, you know, nothing too loud. 

We wouldn’t want people to get intimidated by the volume of the drums. It’s jazz played smooth on brushes. And it just creates a good atmosphere. Yes we can do that.

What does the band wear at a gig?

I have a venue in Bristol that has a noise limiter installed. Can Agent Funk still perform at the event? 

Yes, you can definitely book Agent Funk for your venue even if it has a noise limiter. 

All of the musicians in the band are accustomed to performing within the constraints of a sound limiter and will provide an enjoyable experience similar to that of a venue without one. 

If your venue has a sound limiter, please get in touch with us so we can discuss further with the venue as required. 

Does the band have Public Liability Insurance?

Do Agent Funk have professional Musical Equipment?

Yes absolutely and some in the band are endorsed by specific professional musical equipment manufacturers. The band members use equipment produced by: 

Ludwig Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Moog Synthesizers

Fender Guitars

Mackie Speakers

Shure Microphones

Yanagisawa Saxophones

The Musicians in the band often perform at Music Conventions demonstrating the capabilities of certain pieces of musical equipment. Performances include:

The Drum Show UK

The Guitar Show UK

Synth Fest