What types of party do we play?

We love all the parties. We mostly play weddings, but we have played corporate events, birthday parties, private parties. We’ve played a bar mitzvah. 

We played at a Hindu wedding. Which was great. It wasn’t your typically white English wedding. It was very brightly coloured and energetic.

We’ve also played at birthday parties. So that was fun. Wherever you need us, we’re ready to bring the funk. 

We’re based in Bristol, but we play all around the UK, and, we’ve even played a couple of gigs in Europe.

Arrival Time? 

We take about an hour to set up. We bring all our equipment. We provide everything.

You won’t need to hire anything else. We’ve got our speakers and lighting. Once we are set up, we’ll do a sound check, to make sure that we can hear each other and that everyone up front can hear us. And then, when we’re ready to start.

Do you provide lighting?

We do. We have our own professional lights which are multi-coloured and they light up the band, and they’re great.

Larger or Smaller Band Line-ups? 

Do we perform as a smaller or larger band? 

We do. We usually perform as a 7 piece. So that is a singer, a bassist, a guitarist, a keys player, a drummer, and a 2 piece horn section. 

A 5 piece (band) would lose the horn section, or we can be a 10 piece with even a bigger horn section, and a percussionist. But that’s totally up to you. You know, your venue might be small and not be able to hold all that.

We’ll suit the size of the band to the stage and your needs.

Where do we play? 

The band hails from Bristol in the South West of the UK. Bristol boasts a vibrant and diverse music scene, with a well-earned reputation as the birthplace of iconic acts like Portishead, Roni Size, and Massive Attack.

Bristol’s vibrant music scene has deep roots that stretch back to the 1960s when the influence of sound system culture and underground clubs, brought over by Caribbean immigrants, began to permeate neighbourhoods like St Pauls and Easton. The fusion of reggae, dub, and ska with hip-hop, punk, and electronica in the late 1980s led to the birth of the unique and exciting Bristol Sound, also known as trip-hop. This fascinating evolution continues to shape the city’s musical identity to this day.

Aside from the big acts that visit Bristol regularly at venue’s such as Trinity Centre, O2 Academy Bristol or the newly renovated Bristol Beacon there is an underground of highly talented musicians playing funk, soul world music and jazz at venues such as The Old Duke, The Golden Lion and The Canteen. 

The musicians in the band play at these venues regularly and are well networked within the fabric of the Bristol music scene. 

Bristol is home to a number of music schools, such as the South West Music School, Bristol Music School, Bristol University’s Department of Music, and BIMM Bristol, which is Europe’s largest music college.

As a band we play in Bristol and the South West, often visiting Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wales, Wiltshire, The Cotswolds and Cornwall. We also play throughout the UK and occasionally perform at venues in Europe. 

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